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1960-1964 : The origins

celduc, which is a contraction of Construction Electriques DU Centre (electrical construction of the centre), was founded in 1962 by Michel Guichard the grandson of the famous Geoffroy Guichard.

Celduc is the result of the merger of two companies acquired by Michel Guichard. La Scare, a Saint Chamonese company specialising in fine winding and small transformers, and Transformateur Industriel, located in Grenoble.

In 1962 Mr Guichard bought a parcel of land in Sorbiers in the department of the Loire, to build his factory. The construction started in 1963.

In July 1964 the two sites of Saint Chamont and Grenoble moved to Sorbiers. The factory, located near the forest and the field, is ready for operation. It is the starting point of the great celduc’s adventure.

celduc started out by manufacturing electrical coils of all sizes, from the smallest for the telecommunications industry, to the largest for the power generation sector.

In this new #celduchistory section, we invite you to review the history of our company and its region.

194 at celduc

1965, launching of the first Reed Relays

Thanks to its new Sorbiers factory, celduc is detaching itself from subcontractors to launch its own products. Still in 1964 celduc has acquired a manufacturing licence for REED switches.

In 1965 we rapidly developed a new range of products with “Reed” relays, small low-current switches which were popular at the time for their unrivalled service life.

It was in 1966 that the first reed switches left the Sorbiers factory.

1965 relais reed

1971 -1976 The Great Expansion

In 1971 the factory was expanded. It almost tripled its size!

Michel Guichard understood the amount of interest the development of semiconductors had from the outset and the first solid-state power switch was invented in 1971: the famous “Reedac”. It was not a great success, of course, but was the catalyst that lead to the triumph of solid-state relays at Celduc! Since then, success has continued unabated and our factories are expanding, at an average rate of once every five years.

1971 at celduc

1972 – creation of our R&D department

From the beginning, Solid State Relays were successful. At celduc, the solid state relays branch, which will become later celduc relais, was managed by François Guichard, Michel Guichard’s brother.  In 1972 celduc employed engineers and technicians to become more independant. The R&D office was created.

In December the first REED sealing machine assembled at celduc by the R&D office was ready to operate.

1972 R&D

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